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Kliff Technologies An expressive, flexible and revolutionary framework to develop the next-gen apps for iOS and Android with a single codebase in record time.

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Mean Stack Development Services

Kliff Technologies has over the years made a name for itself as one of the top trusted Mean Stack Development Company in India. Our team has a craving for everything design and development and we believe that this combination of the two is what sets us apart from the rest.

MongoDB is a database that is built for cloud and understands json which is the same data exchange source that AngularJS, Node.js and Express understands. This makes our Mean Stack Development Service more powerful and easy to handle the data flow for storing and retrieving data. It is also a schema less database due to which it provides a lot easier data management to that of relational databases.

Key Advantages of mean-stack

Mean Stack development is how you create real and exciting mobile apps!

We at Habilelabs, Use Mean Stack Development as the Next Generation Resolution for Creating Hybrid and Faster Web App Development.

Open Source

Rapid Development

Reusable Code



Our Process

Kliff Technologies follows Strategic methodologies to execute projects in result oriented way. Our process diagram is only simple representative,
we execute project in detailed process to turn your idea into reality. Let's catch up over a skype or mail to discuss your idea.

Benefits of Flutter App Development

Will Make the App Development Faster

Google Flutter is supporting both Android and iOS; which means that it will make the Cross Platform App Development easier. So, you can give a new life to your app irrespective of whichever platform you choose. You have to consider it for developing the native platforms; the reason it allows you to customize widgets and create an enriched native interface. It comprises of highly productive rendering engine to draw the widgets. There is no use of WebView in a device.

You Get the Eye-Catching User Interface

Google has given Flutter a highly effective tool in the form of platform layouts for building unique UI designs. In addition to that, you also get flexible APIs for showcasing all your imaginative power in 2D and other animations. Furthermore, it eases out the stress through less coding and changes made in the interface. Thus, your apps turn out to be user-friendly and easily navigational where scrolling becomes fun.

Accessible Native Features and SDKs

The Google Flutter also makes your experience better through native codes, platform APIs and third-party integration. Moreover, you also get an easy access to native features and SDKs on both the platforms. You can reuse the popular programming languages for Android and iOS such as Kotlin or Swift

Functional and Reactive Framework

There are many more advantages such as rich ecosystem, open source, excellent community support, efficiency in terms of responsiveness, high speed and agility of the overall development process and several others makes it a popular platform for offering hi-end mobile app development solutions.

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